Aug 182015

This page ACEINF Aircraft Assembler (a.k.a. ACI Build Simulator) is an unofficial aircraft set customization simulator of the game ACE COMBAT INFINITY (for PS3). On the left side of the page, you can select an aircraft, level, special weapon, weapon level, and slot expansion. On the center ot the page, you can select any aircraft part to equip, and get estimated damage. () LASM GPB ( 1.5 ) FAEB ( 0.25 ) On the right side (or maybe on the next row if there’s not enougth space), you can see enemy’s HP on the list, and also check the One-Hit and Two-Hit Knockout line. This line ignores any special damage effects (e.g. FAEB’s weakness against armor), so sometimes may lie. NaN If the result shows NaN, it means there’s not enougth known data to calculate damage. You can load and save your customized aircraft from the menu buttons on the top-right. Each button means:

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